How the CoFund backed Crowd Vision



Crowd Vision is a pioneer of live crowd analytics. The company’s innovative software product extracts live crowd insights from video feeds in busy locations, enabling customers to understand and intervene in their crowds, improving crowd safety and optimising business operations.

This award winning product was initially tested in one of the world's most challenging crowd scenarios – the annual Hajj pilgrimage at Mecca. The technology can also be applied to sectors beyond Event Safety such as Transport and Retail and in applications ranging from safety to profit maximisation.

In July 2012 the Angel CoFund has made its investment as part of the company’s first external funding round raised from angels and syndicates including London Business Angels (LBA) and Finance South East (FSE) investor network.

The investment has enabled Crowd Vision to package their technology into a deployable solution which has now been successfully installed in a number of venues, including the London City Airport as well as for the sailing events during the London 2012 Olympics.

The company, led by CEO and co-founder Fiona Strens, has recently successfully expanded within the airport sector and is now running projects at a number of other UK and international airports.