What UK tech investors look for in founding teams

Similarly to most of his counterparts, Tim Mills, investment director of the Angel CoFund (ACF), noted how most investors will be looking for evidence of expertise or experience.

” If you can demonstrate previous successful entrepreneurial pursuits, that will be very attractive to investors. After all, they are not just looking for smart ideas, but need teams who can credibly unlock and scale the value in those ideas.

“In first time entrepreneurs, they’re looking expertise in the field the company will operate as well evidence of personal drive. While an individual may not have a history of successful ventures to lean on, if they have all the relevant expertise and unique insights it goes a long way. For example, I can tell you that if you’re being presented a MedTech device by a neuroscientist, it makes you sit up and listen.

“Investors are also looking for a team they can realistically work with. Often this means sincerity – founders who aren’t blagging. Investors are looking for integrity in the people they are backing and need to be able to trust the founders they are putting money behind.”

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