Angel Acadame Wins Angel CoFund Sponsored Award for Lead Syndicate of the Year at the UKBAA


Women and technology focussed angel investment group, Angel Academe won the Angel CoFund Award for Lead Syndicate of The Year at the Annual UKBAA Awards.

The CoFund is happy to have sponsored this award and pleased that the recipient was Angel Acadame, a pro-women (but not women-only) angel investment group that focuses on technology and creating diversity in the investing community. Over half of the angels are women and they support ambitious women-founded technology businesses.

The Angel CoFund makes equity investments alongside syndicates of active business angels, recognising the benefits that angel investors bring to companies in terms of both cash and expertise. CoFund Director Tim Mills says “We are delighted that this award has gone to Angel Acadame who are helping to enhance and strengthen the UKs angel community by bringing together smart investors and adding diversity. In addition to supporting women-led businesses, Angel Academe’s members are actively sharing their knowledge, networks and expertise with the portfolio companies to help them grow and flourish.”

The award was presented by Angel CoFund Chair George Whitehead.