Bactest Wins £40,000 Low-Carbon Award - Shell Springboard 2015


Cambridgeshire based Professor Annie Brooking, CEO of Bactest, has been awarded £40,000 by Shell Springboard to launch Shepherd, a cutting-edge monitoring technology helping water companies to save energy.

Shepherd is designed to manage and monitor activated sludge a step in the waste water treatment process that requires healthy biological activity. However the current test to measure the health of this bacteria takes five days, thus test results cannot be used for operational decision making. To ensure that the process is optimal, waste water companies estimate the amount of oxygen required by bacteria to keep it healthy, frequently over estimating by as much as 33%. Over-aeration is costly and wastes energy.

Shepherd’s technology delivers this test on bacteria every 60 minutes, enabling waste water companies to cut aeration to the optimal amount required by the process and save energy.

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